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Blog – Art and Pseudo-Sciences. Introduction : why this part ?

During my fractal art exhibitions, I have often met visitors wanting to explain to me the “hidden power” of mathematics, and its “deep connection” to the universe. A link that was strangely still mystical ! Bad luck, my motivation is mainly aesthetic. Clearly, these are just beautiful images ! And that’s not bad already. The discomfort eventually turns into annoyance in front of all these beliefs.

Because to be interested in the relationship between art and science is unfortunately also to cross the road of art and pseudo-sciences, and delusional esoteric beliefs. A mixture in which these beliefs claim to prove their merits in the observation of visual forms (forms of nature, mathematics, fractal, or History of Art).

The pseudo-sciences also claim to explain visual forms with a great reinforcement of universal principle, unique key explaining the world, mysterious energies, hidden symbolism, and secrets on life… For them, art would be a direct window on the invisible Reality and necessarily superior.

But, more than the creation of forms, they seek above all to justify the presence of utilitarian “magic powers” ​​(images becoming a support for healing power, well-being, mediation, paranormal power, extra-lucid vision, exercise of mystical visualization…).

Pell-mell, we meet the golden ratio, sacred geometry, flower of life, waves of shape, reinterpreted fractals, shapes of plants or crystals, revised and corrected works of art… Not surprisingly, New Age thought is delighted with this breeding ground rich in errors, amalgams, anachronisms, and illusion of erudition.

Therefore, this part will attempt a critical study of the links between pseudo-sciences and art, and visual forms. Extensive program…